1. Is my gift tax deductible?  If so, will I receive a receipt for tax purposes?
    Yes, and yes. 
  2. May I divide my gift into several installments of my choosing? 
    Most certainly! Our hope is that donors will make a commitment to the campaign for three years of installments, thereby making it easier to maximize their total gift to the mission.
  3. I would like to remain anonymous.  Is that an option?
    Yes. We will clarify how you want us to handle this when you sign a commitment form.  Your gift will be list on the Donor Wall of Honor as an anonymous donation.
  4. May I designate my gift to be for one camp or the other?
    This is a district-wide campaign to support our outdoor ministry capability, and we hope many gifts will be characterized in that way. If you have a particular interest in a specific camp project, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
  5. May I give in memory of or in honor of another person?
    Yes. However, the details about how this will be done are still being worked out
  6. May I designate my gift for a specific project?
    Similar to question #4 above, this is a district-wide campaign to support our outdoor ministry capability. That said, we are considering offering opportunities to give specific gifts for specific purposes. Please check back for further information.
  7. Is it possible to leave an estate gift?
    Estate gifts in a number of forms are always possible and welcome. Of course, an estate gift is a future gift which may not be applicable to the priorities this campaign hopes to fund in the 2019-2022 time frame. If you wish to explore this option, please let us know so we may have a special conversation about this. 
  8. If I want to make a pledge/gift, what are my payment options?
    There are two steps involved:
    1. complete a commitment form that indicates your total gift and the timetable on which you plan to give it, and
    2. make those gifts by whatever means is most convenient to you, including
      1. Check or cash
      2. Transfer of stock
      3. Gifts of other property (would need to be pre-negotiated with us)
      4. Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA (if you are over 70½)
      5. Monthly gifts by credit card or pre-authorized bank account draft
  9. Is it possible to donate volunteer labor or materials instead of money?
    Possibly.  This will of course help reduce our campaign costs, but will also require some pre-planning and coordination with the camp(s) about what is needed and useful and when that help will be needed.
  10. How can I stay informed of the progress of the campaign?
    This web site will be periodically updated. The Western Plains District monthly newsletter will also include periodic updates.
  11. Will the proceeds from the campaign be spent as they are received?  Or will work on the projects wait until the campaign has concluded? 
    Once it is reasonably sure that commitments are established for funding, the camps intend to begin work in a phased way on their priorities. Some projects will need to wait, of course, until the second and third year of committed gifts come in. 
  12. Our youth group would like to raise funds. 
    1. Do you have ideas for projects we could do?
      This is terrific! And, yes, we have created a list of fundraising ideas for you.
    2. Do we need to get approval before we launch a fundraiser? 
      No, you do not need to get approval from anyone leading the capital campaign. Do let us know what you decide to do. Please take pictures and send them to us.
    3. Is there a way to recognize them for their efforts?
      Certainly. We will of course send them a thank you note, but we can also post pictures of their event here on the web site (with permission from everyone who is in each picture) and list them on the Donor Wall of Honor (by individual name or by the name of the Youth Group). Let us know if you have other ideas for how we can recognize your youth.